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Hertfordshire Indoor Bowling Association
President 2019-2020 Brian Burfoot, Hatfield I.B.C

NEWSLETTER October 2020
Following a recent meeting where the officers discussed the practicalities of indoor bowling for this coming 2020-21 season, I have to report the following decisions that were made.

Nothing relating to indoor bowls is easy with the Covid 19 virus still a very major threat to all of us.

It is good to hear that most indoor clubs are opening with some limited form of bowls available within Covid secure conditions, mainly for their own members roll ups and leagues, but the vast majority that we play our matches in, do not as yet have full  facilities available.

Following conversations with other Counties, we have decided that all friendly matches for this season are cancelled.

There will not be any County League matches played.
There will not be any Home Counties matches played.
There will not be any Inter County Cup matches played.
All competitions will not be played and any entrance fees paid will be returned to the clubs for them to reimburse to their players.

I do appreciate that these actions are a huge blow to our County bowlers, but we have to stay safe especially with all the recent reports of the virus spreading.

We are actively booking bowls matches for the 2021-22 season to confirm rink space etc and be ready to move forward when the regulations change.

I wish you all the very best for this season, stay safe, and we will all meet again soon.

Brian Burfoot
(President 2019-20)
01707 596438 (new)
Hertfordshire Indoor Bowls Association
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