Introduction to the Online Handbook
This version of the Handbook will be made available on the HIBA web site as an Adobe pdf format document. This will allow the handbook to be read online or to be downloaded in its entirety or in parts to any device that supports the Adobe pdf format. You now have the option to store the contents locally, for later reference or printing. The Adobe (free) reader also supports indexing of the content to make document navigation easier.
For those that want a printed copy, depending on the printer - double sided print capability - the Handbook can be printed via the Adobe reader into a handy Booklet (folded A4) format.
Tips on Printing as a Booklet.
Open the Handbook in Adobe.
Select: Print - opens the print window
Select: Booklet, Both Sides, Binding Left, Portrait
Select: Print
The booklet option will print 4 Handbook pages per A4 sheet, collate and fold into your handbook.  
If not already installed the Adobe pdf reader can be downloaded from or simply search for Adobe reader online or in your apps store.

Click on the image for the Handbook