Singles  2017-18          
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  Round One   Round Two   Quarter Final   Semi Final Final Winner
  By 3rd December   By 7th January   By 28th January   By 25th Febuary 17th & 18th March  
A1 25 I.Greig B1     C1     D1            
10 J.Abbott
A2 38 J.Horwood    
27 R.Knight
A3 33 D.Sheriff B2        
14 S.Keenan
A4 39 P.Murray    
37 S.Collins
A5 4 T.Whitebread B3     C2        
6 N.Muir
A6 35 G.Williams    
24 A.Greenall
A7 11 A.Crook B4        
23 P.Ellis
A8 22 Max Cooper    
20 S.Budge
A9 42 D.Simpson B5     C3     D2        
21 J.Claydon
      7 P.Crouch
      B6 40 J.Norman    
      2 P.Smyth
      B7 31 B.Prowle C4        
      34 A.Webb
      B8 28 M.MacKinnon    
      18 M.Bertrand


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