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WINNERS                                                FINALISTS

SINGLES:        GYFORD CUP                                                   WILLIAMS CUP

                           N Muir                                     21 – 12                 P Smyth


PAIRS:              HAYNES CUP                                                   BERRY TROPHY

G Williams                              18 - 11                  J Hurley

            A Webb                                                                L Harland


TRIPLES:         CARTER TROPHY                                           KILLER TROPHY

                           B Prowle                                  18 – 15                 J Blisett

                           G Williams                                                           W Donaghue

                           A Webb                                                                N Muir


FOURS:            FANSHAW TROPHY                                       R H BANKS TROPHY

P Murray. M Coles                 15 - 14                  M Hayzeldean. S Budge

                           J Horwood.  J Norman                                      P Haskins.  P Andrews  


MX PAIRS:      LIEBHERR TROPHY                                       LUNDY TROPHY

                           H McMillan                             24 – 10                 S Page

J Horwood                                                           S Budge


MX TRIPLES:  HATFIELD SALVER                                        HATFIELD SALVER (S)

                           J Welch                                   22 – 12                 V Bingley

                           R Knight                                                              T Saunders

                           J Claydon                                                            P Haskings


MX FOURS:    RIVERAIN CUP                                                WATFORD CUP

                           V Bingley. A Gulliver             25 – 16                 B Platten. S Hughes

                           T Saunders. R Dempster                                     D Marr. A Fabris


OFFICER’S      DAW CUP                                                          COLQUHOUN TROPHY

SINGLES          T Whitebread                         21 – 11                 A Greenall


U-25:                 WARRENDER CUP                                          GERALD GRAVES CUP

G Williams                              2 – 0 sets               D Cooper


U-18:                 A. LEWINGTON CUP                                      H.I.B.A. U18

                           D Cooper                                2 – 0 sets               S Andrews


INTER CLUB LEAGUE:                       BLISS TROPHY



                                      To see Pictures of all Finalists & Winners Click Here